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Situations With model Answers المراجعة النهائية لليلة الامتحان للثانوية العامة

Situations With model Answers
1-You want to know about a friend,s energy-saving habits. What do you ask?
What do you do to save energy? How do you save energy?
2-You hear someone use a word you do not understand. The word is hydroelectric. What do you ask?
What does «hydroelectric» mean?
Could you tell me what «hydroelectric» means?
3-Someone asks you how you usually travel to school every day. How do you reply?
I usually go / travel by bus. I usually walk.
4-A friend asks for your advice about keeping fit. Advise him.
If I were you, I’d go swimming every day.
5-Ask your teacher for advice about how to do well in the next English test.
I’d like to do well in the next English test. What do you think I should do?
6-You ask your mother for instructions to operate the vacuum cleaner.
Can you show me how to use this vacuum cleaner?
7-A friend who has never visited your country asks for your advice about place to see in Egypt.
If you ask me, I think you should visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx.
8-Your brother asks you how they built the Great Wall of China.
Well, they might have used thousands of workers.
9-You suddenly find out that there is no money in your pocket. You make a deduction.
I think I must have forgotten my wallet at home.
10-A friend asks you whether you would like to go somewhere together at the weekend.
What about going to the beach?
11-A friend suggests going to the cinema in your town tomorrow. You are not sure.
I’m not sure about that.
12-A friend tells you he / she has won a prize in a writing competition. You are very surprised.
Really? / Have you?
13-You hear someone use a word you do not understand. The word is energy.
What does energy mean? / could you explain the word energy, please?
14-Someone asks you what you think about TV news programme.
I think they’re too long / too short / too serious / very interesting.
15-A friend is looking worried. You want to know why. What do you ask?
What’s the matter?
16-An old man can’t cross the road alone. You are willing to help her. What do you say?
Let me help you cross the road

17-You would like to find out what music your friend likes. What do you ask?
What kind of music do you like?
18-A friend asks how you feel about an important English test you have next week.
I wish I knew more English words.
19-One of your friends is very busy. You would like to help him.
Is there anything I can do. / Would you like me to help?
20-A friend asks you what kind of books you enjoy reading. Your favourite books are historical novels.
I’m very keen on historical novels. / I’m a big fan of historical novels.
21-You want to ask your friend about the reason why he came to school late.
Can you tell me why you were late for school?
22-Your mother asks you why you didn’t tidy up your room.
I was busy all day.
23-You are warning your friend who is going to cross a busy road. What do you say?
Be careful! This is a really busy road.
24- you want to borrow your friend’s camera.
Can I borrow your camera , please.
2- A) Places and Speakers

Mention the place, the speakers and the language functions WB Exercises
1) A: So, John, could you tell our listeners how you started?
B: Certainly. It was when I was seven. I won first prize in a poetry competition. When I was a student, some of my stories were published in a university magazine
A: And now its your full time job?
B: That’s right my second novel was published last year.
Place: radio station/studio Speaker A: interviewer Speaker B: writer Function: ask and answer questions
2) A: Could you help me carry the shopping into the house, please, Aisha?
B: Ok, mum. Where shall I put it?
A: Just put the bags on the kitchen floor for the moment.
Place: outside a family home Speaker A: mother
Speaker B: daughter Function : request and offer help
3) A: At last we are here. What time does our flight leave, dad?
B: At midday. We have still got lost of time.
A: Are you sure we have everything we need?
B: Yes, I am sure .please stop worrying, Ali!
Place: airport Speaker A : a son Speaker B :father Function :ask and answer questions make a request

4) A: So, for your homework, I want you all to make a list of all the plants growing in your neighbourdhood.
B: Shall we just write the names of the plants?
A: No, write the names and a short description.
B: When is the homework for?
A: Next Thursday, please.
Place: classroom Speaker A: teacher Speaker B :student Function :give instruction
C. Vocabulary and Structure
1- Choose the correct answer from a , b, c or d:
1. Millions of people watched the rocket ……………. on TV.
a- start b- launch c- set off d- beginning
2. The medicine I’m taking is wonderful. It has no side
…………. .
a- results b- damage c- effects d- problems
3. We arrived half an hour late. The film ……….. half an hour earlier.
a- began b- was beginning c- had begun d- has begun
4. Agatha Christie’s books ………… into more than 40 languages.
a- have been translated b- have translated
c- translated d- were being translated
5. The Romans ……………. Petra nearly two thousand years ago.
a- have captured b- were captured c- captured d-had captured
6. Your train leaves in ten minutes. If you hurry, you …………. it.
a- catch b- will catch c- would catch d-are catching
7. If I am thirsty, …………… water.
a- I will drink b- I would drink c- I am drinking d- I drank
1. Too much sun can be ……………. .
a- respectable b- harmful c- unthinkable d- in conflict
2. We …………. on the door three times, but they did not hear us.
a- visited b- called c- hit d- knocked
3. Nurses are part of the medical ……………. .
a- profession b- work c- job d- career
4. I get on well with all my ………. at work, but they are not close friends.
a- people b- workers c- colleagues d- relatives
5. The accident……at eight o’clock when everyone was on their way to work.
a- occurred b- took c- came d- caused
6. They ………… left two hours ago, so they arrived by now. It is not far.
a- must b- must have c- have d- can’t have
7. No one is sure where Ali is, but we think he ……… gone to see his uncle.
a- must b- can’t have c- might have d- must have
8. She asked me whether ……………. there before.
a- I had been b- I went c- I go d- had I been
1. I’m sorry, I didn’t ……….. you. You look completely different.
a- see b- recognise c- realise d- position
2. Most secondary school teachers ………. in one or two subjects.
a- specialise b- work c- achieve d- concentrate
3. Experiments are used to test scientific ……………. .
a- thoughts b- processes c- models d- theories
4. We’re ……………. my brother’s birthday next weekend.
a- enjoying b- remembering c-celebrating d- developing
6. I wish I ……………. what I was doing at the weekend.
a- know b- have known c- knew d-was knowing
7. My sister wishes she …………… harder when she was at school.
a- had worked b- worked c- works d- has worked
8. The children were covered in sand when they got home. They …….. on the beach.
a- were playing b- have been playing
c- played d-had been playing
9. By the time we arrived home, we ………… over 500 kilometres.
a- travelled b- had travelled
c- have travelled d-are travelling
10. I expect ……………. my driving test when I take it next year.
a- pass b- to pass c- passing d- to passing
1. My parents have always ……. me to keep fit by playing sports.
a- warned b- agreed c- encouraged d- argued
2. When you pass your test, you’ll get a driving ……………. .
a- permission b- licence c- paper d- certificate
3. He does not want to live a ……………. life. He would prefer excitement and adventure.
a- conventional b- daily c- interesting d- exciting
4. Their television ……………. is very dirty.
a- window b- glass c- gadget d- screen
5. …………. books used to be very cheap.
a- Paper b- Paperback c- Cardboard d- Hard
6. Florence Nightingale, ……… was born in Italy, went to school in England.
a- which b- where c- that d- who
7. My uncle went to a school in London,….. he learned to speak English well.
a- which b- where c- who d- that
8. I went to the bank this morning…..I needed to take out some money.
a- so b- although c- because d- and
9. I’ve felt really tired today, …….. I went to bed early last night.
a- because b- so c- despite d- although
10. I hope that by the end of next week, our roof will have been ………. .
a- repair b- repairing c- repaired d- repairs
1. My cousin is very……….She loves meeting and talking to new people.
a- well-organised b- conscientious
c- sociable d- ambitious
2. People understand what I’m saying when I speak Spanish, but I’m not ….
a- fluent b- ideal c- mature d- qualified
3. The girl tried to …….. me to lend her my phone, but I refused.
a- treat b- enroll c- provide d- persuade
4. One of the supermarkets in our town has 25 ……………. .
a- employers b- employees c- applicants d- merchants
5. The school ………. every student with books, so you don’t have to buy any yourself.
a- gives b- trains c- provides d- lends
6. Aisha’s parents asked her…….. she had finished her homework.
a- weather b- where c- if d- to
7. My friend’s parents have invited me ……. on holiday with them next year.
a- for b- go c- going d- to go
8. Ali’s doctor advised ……… to stay at home if he was feeling ill.
a- he b- him c- it d- his
9-. They……….be at school by eight o’clock every day. School starts at eight.
a- have to b- should c- might d- can
4- Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:
Description: المراجعة النهائية ليلة الامتحان اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة استاذ محمد1)
5. Athletics were my father’s favourite sport.
1. Twenty million people saw the new film already.
2. My parents use to live in a small flat in the city centre.
4. Our school was opening exactly 25 years ago today.
5. She played the piano since the age of six and she still plays every day.
1. If you leave now, you catch your train.
2. Water will freeze if the temperature is zero or below.
1. I wish the school holidays are longer.
2. If only I haven’t forgotten where I put my mobile phone.
4. Ali wishes he can come to your party, but he’s not feeling well.
5. I wish I didn’t lent her my dictionary. She’s taken it home with her.
1. He hopes winning a prize for his school work to win.
2. I regret to go to the cinema. It was not a very good film.
3. She offered taking me to the station in her car.
4. We’ve just finished to watch a TV programme about Egyptian history.
5. We’ve arranged picking my brother up from the airport.
6. Their teacher agreed helping them find an English pen friend.
Description: المراجعة النهائية ليلة الامتحان اللغة الانجليزية للثانوية العامة استاذ محمدA)
1. I’ve decided that I am doing more exercise in the future.
2. It’s a really good film. I’m sure you enjoy it.
3. Thirty kilometres are a long way to walk in hot weather
4. Millions of cars produce by Japanese companies every year
5. In many countries, children take the right to go to school until the age of 16.
6. Electricity is produced in energy stations .
(the mask of gold)
2-Leila had hard times in the land of the Incas. Give examples?
When Lander imprisoned her inside the tomb
When she was accused of the theft
When she had an accident on the way to Accomayo.
2-show that dishonesty affected the Inca heritage?
3- the polic came to the site twice.illustrate?
First, when Lander broke into the tomb and imprisoned Leila
Second, when the gold mask was stolen
4—Leila was an observer . Explain?
She noticed a pattern of rocks in the hillside which turned to be a new Inca site
5- how did Leila set a good example for the Egyptian women ?
She overcame all difficulties she faced
She discovered the gold mask and a new Inca site
She caught a thief of artifacts
6-show that Leila was intelligent and brave?
When she jumped into Lander’s truck and drove as hard as she could and prevented him from escaping
She faced Lander inside the tomband told him he was a thief
7-lLeila was a girl of priciples. Expain?
She studied in Italy lest people should think Dr. Hafez might give her spcial treatment. She refused Amalia’s demand to leave her and save herselve .she went to Accomayo and brought a doctor to treat Amalia
8-what do tou know about the Incas?
They were a great civilization . they ruled over ahuge area of South America . they lived at high altitudes and controlled a guge empirethogh they didn’t have any writing. They were really tough
9- Why was the Egyptian civilization more human than the Incas?
As the Egyptians didn’t kill women , servants,nor children like the Incas,but they valued human life.
10-Show that Dr. Hafez had a sense of humor?
He asked Leila if she was going to show him tow stranger sitting at a café when she showed him the new site.
11- what problem do the Egyptians and the Peruvian have in common?
Ther are thieves who steal the treasures from both countries
12- what are the similarities and defferences between the Incas and the Ancient Egyptians?
Both mummified their dead kings and queens . they put gold and silver work beside them . they also put gold masks ,food and drik beside them .however , the Incas killed women , servants and children .they also put the mummified kings on a litters and and take them to the street in important festivals, the Egyptians never did that.
13-why did the Incas kill women and servants and bured them with the king?
To take care of him in the next world.
Paragraph sentences
I don’t know where to begin because this matter occupied my attention , can we imagine life in the absence of ……… ? In my opinion ,I’d like to say that ……… is really necessary nowadays and may have good and positive effects on us all . I think so because………. May bring all the good to our society. To begin with, I’d like to say that, we Egyptians always react well to what is good and react badly to what is bad . Thus , we all agree and encouragr …….In fact , it’s impossible to lead a happy life witout……..as it is one of our chief sources of wealth. With the help of …….we can realize progress and development .The government must exploit all our natural resources and does its best to encourage ………to raise the standard living of citizens . We should put into consideration that …….has become one of the most desirable topics in our society . No wonder if we say that …….has its good and positive effects on us …….is considered an important step to improve and develop society .We all agree that ……is one of the most important things in our lifeand has its vital role nowadays.
كلمات ترجمة
The narrow nile valley وادى النيل الضيق
World armament race سباق التسلح العالمى
Factors عوامل
National awareness الوعى القومى
Illegal migration الهجرة غير الشرعية
Full judicial supervision إشراف قضائى كامل
Martyrs الشهداء
The sit- ins and strikes الاعتصامات والإضرابات
The military council المجلس العسكرى
A means —-means of وسيلة أو وسائل
Scientific academy المجمع العلمى
Foot-and-mouth disease الحمى القلاعية Illiteracy الأمية
Illiteracy الأمية production الإنتاج
Globalization العولمة heavenly religions الأديان السماوية
Aim at يهدف إلى job opportunities فرص العمل
Presidential elections الانتخابات الرئاسية

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